Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom sink that you choose will have a significant impact on how your bathroom looks. However, it's not just the appearance of the bathroom sink that you need to be concerned about because it needs to be functional as well. This is especially if the sink is in a family bathroom and has multiple users. In this case the basin needs to be comfortable and convenient as well. With various styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming when deciding what bathroom sink to choose.

Types of Bathroom Sinks

One of the most popular types of bathroom sinks is the freestanding basins. Not only are they elegantly sculpted basins but they make an impact whether you need one or two of them. They also take up significant floor space even more than a pedestal basin, therefore, you need a large bathroom if this is your choice. The stand on the floor that you get with pedestal basins actually hides the pipework. Pedestal basins are very popular, and you can choose to go for a contemporary or traditional look. The semi-pedestal bathroom sinks are hung on the wall however they still have a pedestal below. But the pedestal is much shorter and doesn't reach the floor. The advantage is that the plumbing is still concealed however it does not reach the floor, and it does give you more floor space. Wall-mounted basins save on space as well. These basins are extremely popular because they can be positioned high up for adults or much lower for kids to use. An inset basin can be a part of a washstand or vanity unit. You can choose to place it on top of a bathroom storage unit or bathroom worktop. They have a sleek design and provides extra countertop space with additional drawers and cupboards below. This is useful if you don't like clutter laying around. Corner sinks are extremely useful in a smaller bathroom since it saves space.

When it comes to choosing the ideal type of bathroom sink you will be spoilt for choice. Bathroom sinks are available in resin, solid surface, stone, glass as well as the very common ceramic. ceramic sinks tend to be the most popular options since they are easy to clean and has a high gloss finish that ultimately emphasizes and enhances the cleanliness of the room. It's also one of the most ideal materials for bathroom sinks for large families.

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When you purchase a ceramic sink, it will usually come with pre-drilled tapholes, and this determines whether you can use a single lever tap, pair of pillar taps all monobloc tap. Ceramic sinks that do not come with tapholes will need to be paired with wall-mounted or tall wash bowl taps, and this will ultimately depends on the design. Ceramic sinks are available in various colors and designs. Ceramic sinks are a common choice for those who are looking to combine, style, elegance, cleanliness, and neatness as well. So why not go ahead and choose the most appropriate ceramic sink for you.